Is Hypnosis Right For You?

Unlike the popular myths, you’re not actually unconscious while in a hypnotic state, but fully awake and in a heightened state of concentration. You will be aware of everything in the environment and hear everything that the hypnotist is saying.

When in hypnosis, it’s similar to being awake during a pleasant dream. You are suspended in the enchanting twilight period between sleep and consciousness. During hypnosis your body and mind relax. As a result you become more susceptible to suggestions. There are several different ways that hypnotists can help individuals who are under hypnosis: They may present ideas or suggestions, encourage people to come up with mental images that illustrate positive change, or help them better understand their underlying motivations. Humans are creatures of habit. We are our habits. These habits are the result of our thoughts. Change the thought pattern–and habit and behavior respond accordingly.

This is not magic or voodoo and is nothing like what you may have seen in movies. Hypnosis is a real tool and often is the first choice for applications like weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management.

Success using hypnosis assumes only that you lack a workable strategy to relax and achieve your goals. Hypnosis motivates and encourages you to overcome barriers and see your situation differently… maybe more differently than you ever have.

Need more convincing?

Hypnosis is also recognized as a valid medical procedure by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association.

Hypnosis is currently taught at many major medical schools including Harvard Medical School and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. All branches of the military, the secret service, and many law enforcement agencies have used hypnosis for decades. Hypnosis has been part of the healing arts since the 1800s.

“We are now producing evidence showing hypnosis can be significantly therapeutic… Studies have shown it to be highly effective as a tool for certain kinds of habit control. Hypnosis is safer than virtually any medication any of us doctors use” Dr. David Spigel, MD Stanford University School of Medicine

“My experience has been life changing. I cam in to improve one specific area in my life and instead it has improved all areas in my life which I didn’t expect or thought needed improvement. It definitely has been life-altering.” Jazmin – Deer Park, TX

Can you be hypnotized?


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